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Fire on the Mountain

Anita Desai ISBN: 9788184000573.

299.00 250.00

Nanda Kaul is old. She has chosen to spend her last years high up in the mountains where she can arrange her thoughts into tranquility. But her solitude is broken when her fragile and secretive great-grand-daughter, Raka, comes to stay. It is an intrusion Nanda Kaul deeply resents, but this child has a capacity to change things. Through the long hot summer months hidden dependencies and old wounds are uncovered, until tragedy seems as inevitable as a forest fire on the hillsides surrounding the villa.


One of the finest english language novelists of modern times.’ daily telegraph one are the days when nanda kaul watched over her family and played the part of vice – chancellor’s wife. Leaving her children behind in the real world, the busier world,she has chosen to spend her last years alone in the mountains in kasauli, in a secluded bungalow called carignano. Until one summer her great – grand daughter raka is dispatched to casual – and everything changes. Nanda is at first dismayed at this break in herpreciously acquired solitude. Fiercely taciturn, raka is, like her, quite untamed. The girl prefers the company of apricot trees and animals to her great – grandmother’s, and spendsher afternoons rambling over the mountainside. But the two are more alike than they know. Throughout the hot, long summer, nanda’s old, hidden dependencies and wounds come to the surface, ending, inevitably, in tragedy. Marvelous yet restrained, fire on the mountain speaks of the past and its unshakable hold over the present.’beautifully accomplished and memorable… she has the ability to shape and refine apiece of her own intense imagination into an independent work of art.’ the times


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