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  • Back Pain (Oxford Pain Management Library)

    2,295.00 995.00

    Back pain is one of the most common reasons cited by patients seeking medical help, and it is a leading cause of time off work and long term disability. Causes of back pain are complex and many health care professionals devote a substantial amount of their time dealing with it. The initiating event leading to back pain is often compounded by other factors leading to maladaptive behaviour and prolongation of pain. This pocketbook will summarise the current literature on management of back pain and provide evidence-based, practical guidelines for clinicians.

  • Hands Heal Essentials: Documentation for Massage Therapists

    4,130.00 3,090.00

    This abbreviated version of Hands Heal, Third Edition is a practical guide to documentation in wellness massage. It is designed for massage therapists who do not provide therapy that would require physician referrals or insurance billing.

    Hands Heal Essentials offers wellness charting guidelines for energy work, on-site massage, and relaxation and spa therapies, along with sample completed forms and blank forms. Crucial information on HIPAA regulations is included.

    A front-of-book CD-ROM includes the blank forms for use in practice, a quick-reference abbreviation list, and a quiz tool to review key concepts. Faculty ancillaries are available upon adoption.

  • Occupational Therapy Essentials for Clinical Competence

    5,200.00 4,199.00

    The occupational therapy profession has seen many textbooks on a wide range of topics, but never has a text used the ACOTE Accreditation Standards as a blueprint, incorporating them as a way to intricately outline a plan of action for the current practice of occupational therapy.

    Occupational Therapy Essentials for Clinical Competence begins by linking the ACOTE Accreditation Standards with current practice in chapters for students and educators. With 50 expert contributors, this forward-thinking text sets the stage with two foundational concepts vital to the study of occupation: flow and culture.

    Led by nationally renowned authors, Karen Sladyk, Karen Jacobs, and Nancy MacRae, Occupational Therapy Essentials for Clinical Competence presents a summary of interconnected constructs that define and direct occupational therapy practice.

    Inside you will find:
    • Basic tenets of occupational therapy
    • Occupational therapy theoretical perspectives
    • Screening, evaluation, and referral
    • Formulation and implementation of an intervention plan
    • Context of service delivery
    • Management of occupational therapy services
    • Professional ethics, values, and responsibilities
    • Culture and its role in occupational choice and performance

  • Psychoprosthetics

    9,995.00 1,995.00

    Psychoprosthetics is the study of the psychological aspects of prosthetic use and of rehabilitative processes in those conditions that require the use of prosthetic devices. For people with limb loss, the fitting of a prosthesis can give rise to a variety of issues from functional rehabilitation to quality of life, well-being, participation in society and cosmetic satisfaction. As prosthetic technology continues to become more sophisticated and advanced, there is an onus on those who work with prosthetic users, to be aware of the impact of prosthetics on the ways in which people understand and construct their realities and their attempts to cope with and relate to them. However, despite the broad and increasing interest in psychosocial aspects of prosthetic use and rehabilitation, to date there has not been a complete volume on the topic – this book now addresses that need.

    Psychoprosthetics brings together the most recent and exciting research and knowledge in this new field into one easily accessible volume. It contributes to a better understanding of the complex human dynamics involved in prosthetic use and provides an analysis of the practice, research and theory in the field of psychoprosthetics.

    Written by some of the leading experts to the field, this informative and cutting-edge text will be of relevance to students, practitioners and researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including prosthetics and orthotics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation medicine, engineering, nursing and psychology.

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