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Business and Management

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  • American Still Life

    1,690.00 1,090.00

    American Still Life tells the intertwined truestories of America’s favorite whiskey and the family dynasty thatproduces it to this very day. Jim Beam is the world’s top-sellingbourbon whiskey, with sales of over five million cases per year.Not a day has passed in the 207 years of Jim Beam’s existence whena Beam family member has not been master distiller. Dedicated toquality, and dedicated to the family legacy, the Beams haveshepherded their particularly American spirit to the top of theirindustry. And they’ve done it in an industry beset by challenges,from government regulation and prohibition, to changing consumertastes, to fierce new global competition. By creating a brand ofunparalleled quality and consistency, and by tying the success oftheir product with the good name of the family, the Beams haveestablished a lasting legacy as perhaps one of the greatest familybusiness dynasties in American history. Not just a simple historyof “America’s native spirit” (so named by an act of Congress in1964) or a simple family history, American Still Life is a story ofbusiness success based on quality and attention to detail, constantinnovation, revolutionary branding and advertising, and adaptationto the business environment.

  • Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies

    3,790.00 1,390.00

    Over the past decade, the Balanced Scorecard has become one of the business world’s leading methodologies for measuring organizational performance and achieving exceptional and sustainable results. From small-scale organizations to multinational conglomerates, the Balanced Scorecard has provided decision-makers with a tool to monitor their organizations from four broad, yet interrelated perspectives, and focus on those measures that are most critical to achieving success.

    And it’s not just private-sector firms that are benefiting from the power of the Balanced Scorecard. Public and nonprofit agencies are also discovering how they can reap the benefits of this proven tool by adapting the Scorecard approach to their own goals and situations. Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies shows how you can format the “geography” of the Balanced Scorecard to fit your nonprofit or public sector enterprise, and create a versatile framework for translating big-picture organizational strategies into specific operational objectives and measures ready for implementation.

    Providing a solid foundation of Balanced Scorecard knowledge from which to build, and then detailing how the approach can be tailored to the unique requirements and realities of organizations for which profit is not a primary imperative, this no-nonsense guidebook will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to:

    • Determine needs and list specific objectives for using the Balanced Scorecard in your organization
    • Gain the support of–and provide training for–team members and stakeholders
    • Develop a functional and focused Balanced Scorecard, and maximize its effectiveness

    Government and nonprofit agencies today face increased pressure to implement effective performance management systems and improve operational efficiency, while simultaneously remaining focused on fulfilling their missions. Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies shows you how to translate today’s leading results-based management methodology to these vital sectors, and effect a truly transformational change in the way your organization measures, manages, and accomplishes its goals.

  • Brand Manners

    5,900.00 1,090.00

    How often has a company’s handling of a customer’s telephone call turned out to be a turn-off? How often has a customer query in the retail environment turned into a relationship-killer, rather than a loyalty-builder? No matter how good the work behind brand positioning and communication, a reputation can be ruined by one poor interaction with a customer. The challenge for any brand-focused company is to ensure that the whole organisation actually ‘lives’ the brand. New in paperback, Brand Manners is the runaway bestseller that demonstrates why a company needs, and how it can create, a branded service culture that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Drawing on a host of major case studies, Hamish Pringle and William Gordon show how any company can align its internal and external brand values to build a ‘self-confident’ organisation.

  • Business Under Fire

    1,690.00 1,490.00

    Israeli businesses face a unique and dramatic challenge-surviving and thriving despite four years of terrorist attacks against civilians Business Under Fire uses a mixture of analysis and in-depth personal interviews to show how Israeli companies stay profitable, offering realistic insights readers can apply to their own organisations operating in an uncertain environment. Based on fascinating, first-person interviews conducted by the author himself in Israel with CEOs, managers, and in-the-trenches employees-Carrison received unprecedented cooperation and access from the Israeli government and many companies in various industries for this project.

  • Chance: The Life of Games & the Game of Life

    2,240.00 990.00

    This is a unique book on how probability affects our everyday lives. It guides the reader in an almost chronological trip through the fascinating and amazing laws of chance, omnipresent in the natural world and in our daily lives. Along the way many fascinating topics are discussed. These include challenging probability paradoxes, “paranormal” coincidences, game odds, and causes and effects. Finally the author discusses possibilities and limitations of learning the laws of a Universe immersed in chance events. This charming book, with its many easy-to-follow mathematical examples, will inform and entertain the scientist and non-scientist alike.

  • Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX

    1,750.00 1,090.00

    An inside look at one of the world’s most successful real estate companies RE/MAX was founded over 30 years ago in Denver, Colorado, based upon a revolutionary idea for a new system of selling real estate. Since then, RE/MAX has experienced over 380 straight months of explosive growth. In Everybody Wins, authors Phil Harkins and Keith Hollihan reveal how RE/MAX has achieved such phenomenal success by examining the company’s strategy, culture, and leadership. Harkins — with the full cooperation of RE/MAX — led a research team that closely studied RE/MAX as well as comparable fast-growing companies. The team observed critical meetings, attended conventions, dug through historical archives, and conducted extensive interviews with more than 50 key RE/MAX leaders. The outcome is an insightful and engaging account of one of the world’s most successful companies. Order your copy today.

  • Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance

    4,970.00 790.00

    The aim of the book is to give non-accounting students a basicability and confidence to read and use financial accounting reportsand statements within their business or financial specialties. Manyemployees in business today are expected to be conversant withreported accounting information as part of their regular jobresponsibilities.  However, they often have little formaltraining in using such information. For example, in most Westerncountries, corporate directors and senior executives are legallyresponsible for the content and quality of publicly reportedaccounting statements, yet typically have no accounting backgroundor experience to help in the discharge of these responsibilities.

    The theme of the book is financial reporting as an essential andsignificant part of corporate governance. There is continuouspressure on companies from government and stakeholder groups toimprove their governance and accountability structures andprocedures. This book reveals how financial statements and relateddisclosures assist in good governance and accountability byproviding relevant and reliable accounting signals of managerialperformance

  • Going Global for the Greater Good: Succeeding as a Nonprofit in the International Community

    2,800.00 1,790.00

    Going Global for the Greater Good offers a unique look at the way  nonprofits—of any size—can increase their impact and better achieve their missions by engaging in the international community. Nonprofits that see themselves as part of a global community can provide a broader reach for programs, enhance the diversity of their organizations, raise their organizations’ profiles, and benefit from the ideas and experience of the global nonprofit community. But few organizations know how to take their place at the international table, and many smaller organizations don’t know whether it is realistic for them to try. This practical, user-friendly guide helps locally based organizations find connections in the ever-expanding global arena of ideas.

  • Making Good

    1,950.00 890.00

    Tony Allan is a rare breed – a masterful chef as well as a great businessman. He is second only to Sir Terence Conran as Britain’s wealthiest restaurateur and enjoys celebrity status following his primetime BBC cookery show Tony & Giorgio, with best pal Giorgio Locatelli.

    Packed with entertaining anecdotes, his inspiring biography and business manual, Making Good, gives a real insight into one of the few remaining characters on the UK’s restaurant scene and a template for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know how it could – but perhaps shouldn’t – be done. Making Good is the fly-on-the-kitchen-wall cookumentary of exactly what Tony Allan did and why he did it the way he did. It is essential reading for wannabe millionaires from all walks of life, including anyone who has ever dreamt of running their own business or opening a successful restaurant. Making Good will inspire anyone hungry for a genuine rags-to-riches story.

    ‘I call Tony my English brother. He is the man who introduced me to English culture and we have had some wonderful times together. Launching Bank restaurant was a fantastic experience, one I will always remember, so this book is very special.’ Christian Delteil, Managing Director of Bank Restaurants

  • Public Private Partnerships in Ireland

    6,900.00 3,499.00

    Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have come to public attention in recent years in Ireland with the impact of toll roads, the collapse of social-housing projects and their use in the provision of courts buildings, schools, water/waste water treatment plants, hospitals, light rail and other public infrastructure and services. This book provides a ground breaking and unique analysis of the development of such PPPs internationally, with a detailed focus on the rationale behind their introduction and outcomes in Ireland. The detailed evidence outlined from the author’s extensive research (including interviews with senior central and government officials, private sector, community and trade union representatives and the Irish Minister for Environment) highlights the important role PPPs are playing in the implementation of privatisation and neoliberalism. The book also provides considerable practical lessons from individual PPP projects. It is therefore an essential read for students, academics of politics, economics, sociology, geography and policy practitioners in Ireland, and further afield. It is of considerable interest to anyone concerned with the progress of Irish society, its economy and, indeed public services and governance internationally. — .

  • Raising The Global Floor

    2,450.00 1,090.00

    News stories on the impact of job loss appear daily in the media. Less reported is that working conditions in many countries around the world have deteriorated as rapidly as jobs have been lost―and this affects ten times as many people. Working conditions significantly impact our health, the amount of time we can spend with family, our options during momentous life events (such as the birth of a child or the death of a parent), and whether we keep or lose a job when the unexpected occurs. Inexplicably, the global community has nearly universally accepted the argument that any country that guarantees a floor of decent working conditions will suffer higher unemployment and will be less competitive. Raising the Global Floor shatters this widely held view by presenting the first ever, global analysis of the relationship between labor conditions, national competitiveness, and unemployment rates in 190 countries. The authors’ findings are dramatic. They show that there is no relationship between unemployment rates and providing basic protections in a series of critical areas. Strikingly, data also indicate that good working conditions can make countries more competitive. There are no long-term economic gains to be had if workers are denied paid sick leave, paid annual leave, paid parental leave, the right to a day of rest, and many other basic protections that would improve the quality of their lives.

  • Redefining the Corporation: Stakeholder Management and Organizational Wealth

    4,490.00 1,500.00

    The modern corporation is an institution of enormous economic power and social impact. Corporations have grown in size and numbers all over the world because of their ability to mobilize productive resources and create new wealth. The evolution of the corporation has given rise to new opportunities and challenges that require a redefinition of the corporation and its objectives.

    The legitimacy of the corporation as an institution, its “license to operate” within society, depends not only on its success in wealth creation but also on its ability to meet the expectations of diverse constituents who contribute to its existence and success. These constituencies and interests are the corporation’s stakeholders―resource providers, customers, suppliers, alliance partners, and social and political actors. Consequently, the corporation must be seen as an institution engaged in mobilizing resources to create wealth and benefits for all its stakeholders.

    This book presents a stakeholder view of the corporation in both theoretical and practical terms. Its central proposition is that organizational wealth is created (or destroyed) through a corporation’s interactions with its stakeholders. Effective stakeholder management develops and utilizes relationships between a corporation and its stakeholders for mutual benefit, thereby accomplishing the fundamental purpose of wealth creation.

    Following the empirical maxim that “Corporations are what they do,” the authors examine the stakeholder management practices of three major corporations: Cummins Engine Company, Motorola, and the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. These companies are very different, and their current stakeholder management policies and practices have evolved in very different ways. However, they share a common commitment to humanistic values and to continuous learning. Their varied experiences illustrate some of the opportunities and challenges of stakeholder management, and confirm the appropriateness of the stakeholder view of the corporation as a basis for strategy and policy.

  • Shopping at Giant Foods

    1,820.00 1,295.00

    From the 1930s through the 1970s, Chinese American owned supermarkets located outside of Chinatown, catering to a non-Chinese clientele, and featuring mainstream American foods and other products and services rose to prominence and phenomenal success in Northern California, only to decline as union regulations and competition from national chains made their operation unprofitable. Alfred Yee’s study of this trajectory is an insider’s view of a fascinating era in Asian American immigration and entrepreneurship. Drawing on oral interviews with individuals who worked in the business during its peak and decline, he presents an accessible history that illustrates how this once-thriving business fostered the social and economic integration of Chinese Americans into life in the United States.

    Yee demonstrates how Chinese American supermarkets were able to sell American groceries at reduced prices by using the cheap labor of family members and Chinese immigrants whose entry to the United States had been sponsored by their employers. This type of symbiotic relationship was eventually undermined by labor unions’ demands that employees be covered by labor laws and fully compensated for all hours worked. Also contributing to the ultimate demise of Chinese American supermarkets were increasing costs of capitalization and operation, the dominance of national chain stores, and difficulties arising from traditional Chinese methods of business management.

  • Stocking Up on Sin: How to Crush the Market with Vice-Based Investing

    1,960.00 890.00

    Although vices such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling may be deemedsocially irresponsible, in the investment world, these stockscontinue to dramatically outperform the S&P 500 in thisdepressed market. Stocking Up on Sin shows readers how to get in onthis hot investment trend and make the most out of publicly tradedcompanies that deal with “vice” products such as coffee, weapons,alcohol, and tobacco.
    Caroline Waxler (New York, NY) is a New York-based financialjournalist. She contributes regularly to Worth and Glamourmagazines as well as the Financial Times. She was also theghostwriter for Worth’s Greatest Stock Picks of All Time.

  • The Investor’s Guide to Hedge Funds

    2,450.00 995.00

    “Eldon Mayer is a battle-tested pro. You should listen to what he and his partner, Sam Kirschner, have to say.”
    –Barton M. Biggs, Managing Partner, Traxis Partners

    Meet the crème de la crème of the new breed of hedge fund managers, learn how they evaluate world financial markets, hear about their winners and losers, and discover how they apply proprietary strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Through broad-scope interviews with 15 highly successful managers, The Investor’s Guide to Hedge Funds provides unparalleled insight into each major hedge fund strategy, its strengths, weaknesses, and performance characteristics. Most importantly, this book shows that despite the sensational headlines, adding hedge funds to a portfolio of stocks and bonds can reduce risk and improve overall performance.

  • The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple

    1,170.00 590.00

    Bestselling author David Taylor returns with his take on businesscoaching. No fuss. No jargon. Just great ideas.

    The Naked Coach is the back-to-basics book on coaching that willmake sense of coaching and place it back at the very heart of thebusiness agenda. It will make understanding, learning and teachingcoaching simple. The Naked Coach tells real, practical, fun,exciting and above all else relevant stories that you can applystraightaway. David Taylor strips away the hype, jargon and mysteryto give coaching a clear definition in all its forms, includingmentoring, training, facilitation and interventions of every kind.The Naked Coach explains coaching without being patronising,defines without being arrogant, and does it in a fun, accessibleway. It is coaching from a different perspective – yours.

    The fundamental principle of The Naked Coach is to be yourself– always. Find what works for you, and do it, again and againand again. Remember. No fuss. No Jargon. Just great ideas.

  • Trust and Mistrust: Radical Risk Strategies in Business Relationships

    5,900.00 1,025.00

    If we trust someone we put ourselves at risk, but we do sovoluntarily. In business there may be no way of clinching that dealwithout engaging in that personal risk, but to deny or externalisethat risk is to enter the world of blame and misuse of power. Thisbook reconnects our intuitive understanding of trust with the rootsof business risk.
    When there is a strong enough trust between parties in a businessenvironment, you can:
    * Be aware of far more of the workings of the environment,including how to generate value for other stakeholders
    * Strengthen business relationships which help to deal withunimagined opportunities and contingencies
    * Understand how to develop lean business processes withoutunnecessary or counterproductive management activities
    * Manage business risks that could otherwise play havoc with thebusiness
    When business people deny the importance of trust, when some oftheir business relationships become cynical and exploitative, thena cycle is formed: lack of trust leads to cynical actions andcynical actions lead to a further erosion of trust. In this book,Aidan Ward and John Smith teach how to trust others and pinpointreal ris k in business.

  • Wal-Mart Wars

    1,820.00 1,290.00
    Wal-Mart is America’s largest retailer. The national chain of stores is a powerful stand-in of both the promise and perils of free market capitalism. Yet it is also often the target of public outcry for its labor practices, to say nothing of class-action lawsuits, and a central symbol in America’s increasingly polarized political discourse over consumption, capitalism and government regulations. In many ways the battle over Wal-Mart is the battle between “Main Street” and “Wall Street” as the fate of workers under globalization and the ability of the private market to effectively distribute precious goods like health care take center stage.
    In Wal-Mart Wars, Rebekah Massengill shows that the economic debates are not about dollars and cents, but instead represent a conflict over the deployment of deeper symbolic ideas about freedom, community, family, and citizenship. Wal-Mart Wars argues that the family is not just a culture wars issue to be debated with regard to same-sex marriage or the limits of abortion rights; rather, the family is also an idea that shapes the ways in which both conservative and progressive activists talk about economic issues, and in the process, construct different moral frameworks for evaluating capitalism and its most troubling inequalities. With particular attention to political activism and the role of big business to the overall economy, Massengill shows that the fight over the practices of this multi-billion dollar corporation can provide us with important insight into the dreams and realities of American capitalism.
  • Wall Street on Trial: A Corrupted State?

    4,890.00 600.00

    The politics of business have become the business of politics.Across the world the lesson is clear: just as too much governmentalinterference leads to dysfunctional economies, left to its owndevices the market is incapable of adequate self-regulation.
    The corporate malfeasance crisis in the United States hastransformed global perceptions about the efficacy of regulatorystructures in combating corrupt practices in private and publicsectors. The design of effective corporate governance structuresdepends not just on internal factors but also on theinter-relationship between various actors that constitute widergovernance: politicians, lobbyists, corporations andregulators.
    A Corrupted State: Wall Street on Trial breaks new ground bydeconstructing the systemic flaws inherent in the model itself. Itreveals that the ‘rotten apple’ theory, positing the problems incorporate America as merely the result of deviancy by an individualor a single firm, is an intellectual deceit not supported by thefacts.

  • Work Goes Mobile: Nokia’s Lessons from the Leading Edge

    3,900.00 870.00

    This book tells the inside story of Nokia’s efforts to use mobile capabilities for business benefits.  It helps decision makers understand that mobility is a business solution – and that only by addressing people, processes, and technology in a balanced way can they realize significant business benefits.

    Focusing on the unique aspects of this transition and using Nokia’s own experience, this guide prepares organizations for the next transformation in how they do business.  It offers a wealth of valuable insights for any organization into how mobility and work can provide a strong source of competitive advantage.

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