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Trust and Mistrust: Radical Risk Strategies in Business Relationships

Aidan Ward, John Smith ISBN: 9780470853184.

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If we trust someone we put ourselves at risk, but we do sovoluntarily. In business there may be no way of clinching that dealwithout engaging in that personal risk, but to deny or externalisethat risk is to enter the world of blame and misuse of power. Thisbook reconnects our intuitive understanding of trust with the rootsof business risk.
When there is a strong enough trust between parties in a businessenvironment, you can:
* Be aware of far more of the workings of the environment,including how to generate value for other stakeholders
* Strengthen business relationships which help to deal withunimagined opportunities and contingencies
* Understand how to develop lean business processes withoutunnecessary or counterproductive management activities
* Manage business risks that could otherwise play havoc with thebusiness
When business people deny the importance of trust, when some oftheir business relationships become cynical and exploitative, thena cycle is formed: lack of trust leads to cynical actions andcynical actions lead to a further erosion of trust. In this book,Aidan Ward and John Smith teach how to trust others and pinpointreal ris k in business.

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