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    Dan Brown is once again taking on the big questions.…


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  • INNER ENGINEERING – A yogi’s guide to joy


    Inner Engineering is a fascinating read, rich with Sadhguru’s insights and his teachings. If you are ready, it is a tool to help awaken your own inner intelligence, the ultimate and supreme genius that mirrors the wisdom of the cosmos’-Deepak Chopra

    In his revolutionary new book, visionary, mystic and yogi Sadhguru distils his own experiences with spirituality and yoga and introduces the transformational concept of Inner Engineering. Developed by him over several years, this powerful practice serves to align the mind and the body with energies around and within, creating a world of limitless power and possibilities. Inner Engineering is your own software for joy and well-being.

  • the musk syndrome

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    It is said that the musk deer searches all its life for the scent that emanates from it. Similarly, we humans look everywhere for peace and happiness but fail to look within ourselves. Through The Musk Syndrome, Ruzbeh N. Bharucha, one of the best known spiritual writers of our times, makes this very simple but profound point. In his anecdotal style, often taking instances from his own life, Ruzbeh demonstrates the strength of our thoughts and actions; our beliefs and practices; and the power of the mind and spirit that we often fail to understand. His approach is not of a Master but of a friend gently nudging you to understand what might be going wrong in your current attitude to life and the people around you. The Musk Syndrome encapsulates the wisdom of life.

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