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    How should you decode change and disruption to differentiate yourself from others?
    How can you enjoy and learn from the grilling, baking, frying and boiling as we create our recipe of life?

  • Autumn Light

    599.00 520.00

    Season of Fire and Farewells

    Author: Pico Iyer

    Hardcover: 248 pages

    Publisher: Penguin Viking

    Published in: 25 April 2019

    Language: English

  • Black ’41

    1,590.00 900.00

    Black ’41 opens with the arrival of the class of 1941 at the gates of West Point in the spring of 1937. It follows that class-nicknamed “Black ’41” for their misdeeds while at the Academy-over the course of the next four years, as they absorb the lessons that will help them become military leaders. Their cadet days provide the backdrop for the ominous events in a world headed toward war. It would be a war, as Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson underscored in his commencement address to the class in June 1941, that “may fall, in large measure, upon your shoulders.” The U.S. Army into which those new graduating second lieutenants were commissioned in 1941 was in many ways a holdover from the army of an earlier era, with plenty of cavalry but without a single armored division. Black ’41 became a key part of the new army, quickly transitioning to a mechanized force and growing its air arm. By the time of the major Pacific and European action, Black ’41’s officers were captains and majors, and leading soldiers into some of the critical fighting in the war. Told largely through the words of the graduates, Black ’41 is the coming-of-age story of West Point’s finest, during the hour of our country’s greatest need.

  • Cultural Diversity in Russian Cities

    8,400.00 1,990.00

    Cultural diversity ― the multitude of different lifestyles that are not necessarily based on ethnic culture ― is a catchphrase increasingly used in place of multiculturalism and in conjunction with globalization. Even though it is often used as a slogan it does capture a widespread phenomenon that cities must contend with in dealing with their increasingly diverse populations. The contributors examine how Russian cities are responding and through case studies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Sochi explore the ways in which different cultures are inscribed into urban spaces, when and where they are present in public space, and where and how they carve out their private spaces. Through its unique exploration of the Russian example, this volume addresses the implications of the fragmented urban landscape on cultural practices and discourses, ethnicity, lifestyles and subcultures, and economic practices, and in doing so provides important insights applicable to a global context.

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    Dearest Jean: Rose Macaulay’s Letters to a Cousin

    6,750.00 3,999.00

    These candid letters from Rose Macaulay to her first cousin Jean Smith are previously unknown. Macaulay was one of the most versatile, successful, and significant women writers in the first half of the twentieth century, Smith a talented but diffident and depressive poet who was briefly an Anglican nun before converting to Roman Catholicism, a move that caused some difficulty between the two in the 1950s, when Macaulay exchanged High Church agnosticism for committed Anglicanism.

    Macaulay’s letters to Smith, meticulously edited by a nephew of the recipient, throw fascinating and often amusing light not only on the writer’s private life, unconventional character, and varied career, but also on the lively literary and social circles in which she moved. Although the letters span the years 1913-1958, more than half were written between 1919 and 1926, an important period in Macaulay’s life and one previously ignored in published collections of her letters.

    The book is essential reading not only for scholars, students, and fans of Macaulay, but also for all interested in British literary culture and women’s writing in the years 1919-1958. It will inform and entertain general readers as much as specialists.

  • Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging Anatomy

    14,000.00 2,700.00
  • Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food

    2,450.00 1,395.00
    In 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama established an organic vegetable garden at the White House, reflecting the impact and popularity of the “green” food movement at even the highest levels. Global sales of organic products topped $23 billion in 2008 and have been growing 20 to 25 percent annually for the past decade.
    The Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food pulls together a fascinating array of diverse, interdisciplinary topics to provide a thorough overview of our current alternative food system. With increasing attention focused on organic and local food, many people are attracted to these sustainable food choices. This encyclopedia explores social concerns, economic trends, policy influences, and ecological terms in a single, comprehensive volume.
    The Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food features
    • More than 140 comprehensive, A-to-Z entries covering all aspects of organic food and farming, local food production and consumption, and sustainable food initiatives
    • A chronology of the years 1860–2009 detailing the history and evolution of organic and local food, including more than forty events
    • Twenty-six photographs depicting current themes in sustainable farming and organic/local food
    • A bibliography listing key references for readers who wish to further investigate a specific theme
  • Foundations of Psychiatric Sleep Medicine

    8,590.00 2,520.00

    Sleep-related complaints are extremely common across the spectrum of psychiatric illness. Accurate diagnosis and management of sleep disturbances requires an understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying sleep and wakefulness, the characteristics of sleep disturbance inherent to psychiatric illness and primary sleep disorders, as well as the psychopharmacologic and behavioral treatments available. Foundations of Psychiatric Sleep Medicine provides a uniquely accessible, practical, and expert summary of current clinical concepts at the sleep-psychiatry interface. Topics covered include: basic principles in sleep science, clinical sleep history taking, primary sleep disorders in psychiatric contexts, and sleep disturbance across a range of mood, anxiety, psychotic, substance use, cognitive and developmental disorders. Written by outstanding experts in the field of sleep medicine and psychiatry, this academically rigorous and clinically useful text is an essential resource for psychiatrists, psychologists and other health professionals interested in the relationship between sleep and mental illness.

  • Getting it Done

    2,730.00 1,095.00

    n a candid memoir, Burney paints a vivid picture of leading politicians, including Pierre Trudeau using an off-colour joke to break the ice with Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell becoming upset over Canadian concerns about collateral damage in the first Gulf War, and George Bush Sr chafing at the excessive European flavour of G-7 summits.

  • Islam and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

    8,400.00 1,995.00

    How and to what extent have Islamic legal scholars and Middle Eastern lawmakers, as well as Middle Eastern Muslim physicians and patients, grappled with the complex bioethical, legal, and social issues that are raised in the process of attempting to conceive life in the face of infertility? This path-breaking volume explores the influence of Islamic attitudes on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) and reveals the variations in both the Islamic jurisprudence and the cultural responses to ARTs.

  • Out of the Bunker and into the Trees, or The Secret of High-Tension Golf

    1,330.00 995.00

    For less expense than a lost bet on the links, you can learn how to get “out of the bunker and into the trees.” Rex Lardner, a unique stylist who hit his best shots when in a towering rage, reveals the secrets every golfer needs to know, including how to loft a ball out of your own trouser cuff; how to properly grip the 2-wood when smashing it against a tree; and how to hit special “trick” shots—the fade, the slice, the yip—without a club if necessary.

    Out of the Bunker and into the Trees is essential reading for those looking to correct typical golfing faults. If you are an inconsistent putter, Lardner demonstrates how you never need to take more than six putts to hole out on any green. Too much reliance on advice from strangers? Lardner presents an object lesson with his traumatic experiences teaching pros.

    Originally published in 1960, Out of the Bunker and into the Trees is so funny that various chapters have been widely reprinted in sports magazines. Readers today continue to enjoy this delightful parody of golf and golfers by a humorist who claimed to have discovered the reason people play golf: “to destroy themselves.”

  • Selling the Economic Miracle

    8,400.00 2,095.00

    Through an examination of election campaign propaganda and various public relations campaigns, reflecting new electioneering techniques borrowed from the United States, this work explores how conservative political and economic groups sought to construct and sell a political meaning of the Social Market Economy and the Economic Miracle in West Germany during the 1950s.The political meaning of economics contributed to conservative electoral success, constructed a new belief in the free market economy within West German society, and provided legitimacy and political stability for the new Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Struggling for Recognition

    8,400.00 2,350.00

    As a religious and cultural minority in Turkey, the Alevis have suffered a long history of persecution and discrimination. In the late 1980s they started a movement for the recognition of Alevi identity in both Germany and Turkey. Today, they constitute a significant segment of Germany’s Turkish immigrant population. In a departure from the current debate on identity and diaspora, Sökefeld offers a rich account of the emergence and institutionalization of the Alevi movement in Germany, giving particular attention to its politics of recognition within Germany and in a transnational context. The book deftly combines empirical findings with innovative theoretical arguments and addresses current questions of migration, diaspora, transnationalism, and identity.


    999.00 890.00

    The Body: A Guide for Occupants is an extraordinary exploration of the human body which will have you marveling at the form you occupy. If you’ve ever wondered what really goes on inside your head, heart and beyond, Bill Bryson will help you understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make up

  • The Feminism Book

    999.00 850.00

    Author: Lucy Mangan

    Publisher: DK

    Published In: 20 April 2019

    Language: English

    Hardcover: 352 pages

  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales [3 Volumes]Hardcover – Import, 30 Dec 2007 by Donald Haase (Author)


    499.00 420.00

    Publisher: Arrow 

    Language: English 

    Author: E L James

    Paperback: 512 pages

    Year: 2009


    799.00 699.00



    599.00 520.00


  • Tanya Tania

    299.00 250.00

    A book about being a teenager in Pakistan and India. Through letters we follow the lives of four girls, two wealthy and two poor, two Pakistani and two Indian. Two who know exactly what their future holds and two who are convinced that they will never measure up.

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