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About us

Calicut Books was established in 2005 at Kozhikode and the organisation was specifically crafted for the purpose of marketing professional educational books from Indian and Foreign publishers, offering best products at best prices. We value ourselves as a conglomerate in the market and our highly extended personalised customer service, paved as stepping stones in our paths to success.

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Today, we stand tall in the playing arena, making available the merchandise our customer needs, at highly competitive rates and delivering them quickly and reliably. We have a highly professional agile marketing system, excellent customer service and a systematic supply chain and logistics department for catering of books to various departments and organisations. Our professional tie-ups and access to some of the most sought after as well as ‘hard to procure books’ make us stand apart from our competitors.

Partnering with a large number of publishers, we have been providing access to an array of books on various subjects like Information Technology, Engineering, Medical, Management, Accountancy, Health services, Scientific and Technical publishing etc. We could also conveniently deliver customized product packages as per our customers’ individual specifications.

We have a highly dedicated team of staff members who could fine-tune themselves with the help of various publishers and offer promotional plans to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are regular suppliers of reference books to various Universities’ libraries as well as major Institutions’ and also equipped with accumulated collections on racks as well as outbound delivery.

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