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A.N WILSON ISBN: 9781786497918.

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Superb’ Daily Mail, ‘book of the week’ ‘Brilliant’ The times, ‘book of the week’ ‘[A] vivid, detailed account’ Guardian, ‘book of the week’ ‘Hugely enjoyable’ Daily Telegraph ‘fascinating’ Spectator Charles Dickens was a superb public performer, a great orator and one of the most famous of the eminent Victorian. Slight of build, with a frenzied, hyper-energetic personality, Dickens looked much older than his fifty-eight years when he died. Although he specified an unpretentious funeral, it was inevitable that crowds flocked to his open grave in Westminster Abbey. Experiencing the worst and best of life during the Victorian age, Dickens was not merely the conduit through whom some of the most beloved characters in literature came into the world. He was one of them.


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