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  • The Feminism Book

    999.00 850.00

    Author: Lucy Mangan

    Publisher: DK

    Published In: 20 April 2019

    Language: English

    Hardcover: 352 pages

  • Autumn Light

    599.00 520.00

    Season of Fire and Farewells

    Author: Pico Iyer

    Hardcover: 248 pages

    Publisher: Penguin Viking

    Published in: 25 April 2019

    Language: English


    499.00 420.00

    Publisher: Arrow 

    Language: English 

    Author: E L James

    Paperback: 512 pages

    Year: 2009


    599.00 520.00



    799.00 699.00



    799.00 699.00


  • Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation

    21,990.00 4,000.00

    Bone disease, particularly osteoporosis, has emerged as a common and serious complication of solid organ transplantation. In recent years there have been real advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of bone loss, however treatment studies have been relatively sparse and successful strategies to reduce skeletal morbidity after transplantation remain to be clearly established. Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation provides a unique resource for the many health professionals involved with transplantation of bone disease, both in terms of its scientific background and the management of the disease in clinical practice.

    • Basic Transplantation and Bone Biology
    • Pathogenesis of Transplantation Related Bone Disease
    • Clinical Features of Transplantation Bone Disease
    • Management
  • An Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease

    3,244.00 2,600.00

    The bedrock of every good clinician’s success is the ability to obtain correct history and elicit all the abnormal physical signs from a patient. Professor Browse’s highly successful text takes the student step by step through the systematic application of the principles of history taking and clinical examination. The revised and updated second edition contains a description of the techniques of history taking and clinical examination, and a detailed account of the symptoms and signs of the commn surgical diseases. These descriptions are presented under the same headings used to describe the methods of examination. This is done to emphasize and impress upon the reader the importance of a systematic approach. The symtoms and signs are then analysed and interpreted to show the reader how to deduce the diagnosis

  • Surgery for Sleep Disordered Breathing

    14,262.00 8,800.00

    Nasal continuous positive airway pressure ventilation is the gold standard in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Long-term compliance rates are about 60%. Therefore, several alternative treatment options are of special interest. Beside conservative therapies, various surgical concepts exist. The field of surgery for sleep disordered breathing has rapidly grown with new instrumentation and surgical techniques in the last 10 years. Surgeons in these fields have to attend scientific meetings, participate in workshops, and read the literature to stay up to date. In our sleep laboratories we conduct 30 polysomnographies each night. Each year, we perform almost 1,000 surgical procedures for sleep disordered breathing apart from numerous other conservative and apparative treatment modalities. Referring to our expe- ence and the present literature, we tried to give new information on surgical techniques in this second edition. The chapters are grouped in different anatomical fields of interest. We wanted to give general advice and specific new hints for the surgery of sleep disordered breathing so that the reader learns basic techniques followed by more advanced surgery. In addition to the illustrated surgical descriptions, the chapters contain informations about indications and contraindications of each surgical procedure and the postoperative care. Special interest has been dedicated to evidence-based medicine. So in each chapter, there is a table of references summarizing the effectiveness of the procedure and EBM grade.

  • Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street

    1,390.00 1,090.00
    He wrote under at least eight pseudonyms, published hundreds of short stories and novellas in pulp magazines, and lived a life at times as outrageous as his fiction. Pulp Writer tells of Paul S. Powers’s travels from serious literary ambitions to the pages of Wild West Weekly, of his seeking his fortune (or material, at any rate) in the ghost towns and mining camps of Colorado, and of his life in Arizona and California as he reaped the rewards of his wildly successful Wild West Weekly characters such as Sonny Tabor and Kid Wolf.
    Extending from the Great Depression to the golden age of the pulps, Powers’s career, chronicled here in often laugh-out-loud style, is an American success story of true grit and commercial savvy and of a larger-than-life character with questionable but endlessly entertaining Western lore to spare. In the process, he provides a valuable and rarely-chronicled look at the business of writing and publishing pulp fiction during its golden years.
    Powers’s granddaughter Laurie never knew her grandfather and lost touch with his side of the family. In her biographical essays, she finds her lost family and discovers the Pulp Writer manuscript. Her essays also provide a valuable historical context for pulp publications such as Wild West Weekly and their importance during the Great Depression.
  • Failure’s Opposite

    2,290.00 1,790.00

    Failure’s Opposite presents a fresh perspective on Klein’s reception and legacy, exploring why he has remained a compelling figure for critics and readers. His experimentalism drew upon strong traditions and fluency in several languages – English, French, Yiddish, and Hebrew – allowing him to develop a multilingual, modernist Jewish voice that is a touchstone for understanding Canada’s multicultural identity. His struggle with the emotional and historical dimensions of diaspora is of considerable importance throughout his work and is investigated through the lenses of translation, voice, and his relationship to other Jewish writers. Contributors also re-evaluate Klein’s connection to Montreal and the original ways in which he captured the atmosphere of his “jargoning city.” Failure’s Opposite reflects the many ways A.M. Klein is being remade in the twenty-first century, both as a bridge to the past and a model for contemporary critical and creative work in Canadian literature

  • Language Planning and Student Experiences : Intention, Rhetoric and Implementation

    6,300.00 4,790.00

    This book is a timely comparison of the divergent worlds of policy implementation and policy ambition, the messy, often contradictory here-and-now reality of languages in schools and the sharp-edged, shiny, future-oriented representation of languages in policy. Two deep rooted tendencies in Australian political and social life, multiculturalism and Asian regionalism, are represented as key phases in the country’s experimentation with language education planning. Presenting data from a five year ethnographic study combined with a 40 year span of policy analysis, this volume is a rare book length treatment of the chasm between imagined policy and its experienced delivery, and will provide insights that policymakers around the world can draw on.

  • Straight Down the Middle

    1,330.00 990.00
    Josh Karp first played golf in the sixth grade before going on to become one of the worst players on some very bad high school and college golf teams. In his early twenties, his handicap hit 18, where it remained until he went to work on this book, which helped bring it down to 11.
    In this hilarious memoir, journalist Karp tries it all—from quantum physics to the Feldenkrais Method—in an attempt to transform his mind-set, lower his score, and tap into the mystical connection between golf and spirituality.
    Throughout the ages, the arts of Zen and meditation have helped warriors prepare for battle, brought philosophers to enlightenment, and opened the path to inner peace for countless practitioners. Perhaps most important, however, they have allowed golfers to transcend their game and shave precious strokes off their handicap.
    Assisted by a quirky roster of Zen-influenced golf masters, this journey of a common man in search of an uncommon kingdom across the fairways of North America (and Scotland, of course!) is funny and enlightening, inspired and frustrating, yet always entertaining.
  • Clinical Research Methods for Surgeons

    12,157.00 2,990.00

    Bone disease, particularly osteoporosis, has emerged as a common and serious complication of solid organ transplantation. In recent years there have been real advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of bone loss, however treatment studies have been relatively sparse and successful strategies to reduce skeletal morbidity after transplantation remain to be clearly established. Bone Disease of Organ Transplantation provides a unique resource for the many health professionals involved with transplantation of bone disease, both in terms of its scientific background and the management of the disease in clinical practice.

    • Basic Transplantation and Bone Biology
    • Pathogenesis of Transplantation Related Bone Disease
    • Clinical Features of Transplantation Bone Disease
    • Management
  • Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W.Bush Presidential

    1,950.00 660.00

    Praise for Bush′s Brain

    “Love him or hate him, Karl Rove is one of the most brilliant and successful political consultants of all time. In this riveting account, Wayne Slater and Jim Moore tell how he got there.” Paul Begala, CNN′s Crossfire

    “Bush′s Brain isn′t a hatchet job on George W. Bush. In fact, the two authors largely dispel the myth of Bush′s supposedly deficient IQ. But, more importantly, they lay bare the story of how Karl Rove may be the most powerful man in America. It′s a compelling story told by two veteran Texas journalists who don′t need a briefing packet to understand the men they′re writing about.” Philip Bruce, KCET/PBS Television, Los Angeles

    The most powerful individual in the United States may not be George W. Bush. It is probably Karl Rove, the President′s brilliant advisor. Who is this man and how did he acquire so much power? Having watched in awe for over fifteen years as they reported on the rise of Karl Rove, Moore and Slater expose the brutal and sometimes morally questionable, but invariably effective ways in which Karl Rove?and America′s political system actually operate.

  • Toward the Charter: Canadians and the Demand for a National Bill of Rights, 1929-1960

    2,310.00 1,990.00

    Toward the Charter looks at the evolution of human rights in Canada through Canadian efforts to entrench a bill of rights in the constitution. The important roles played by parliamentarians such as John Diefenbaker and academics such as F. R. Scott are placed alongside those of trade unionists, women, and a long list of individuals representing Canada’s multicultural groups to reveal the diversity of the bill of rights movement. At the same time MacLennan weaves Canadian-made arguments for a bill of rights with ideas from the international human rights movement led by the United Nations to show that the Canadian experience can only be understood within a wider, global context.

  • Theory Now (South Atlantic Quarterly)

    980.00 890.00

    This special issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly focuses on theory’s role in contemporary politics, reading, and critiques of literature. Although there will always be questions raised about what theory is, what it can do, and its overall efficacy, “Theory Now” argues that those questions obscure the fact that theory is, and always has been, the precondition for thought.
    This issue demonstrates what it means to engage with theory in this particular historical moment. One contributor takes a critical look at Michel Foucault’s final lectures, which have only recently been published in French, and evaluates their potential to instruct contemporary theory and politics. Another contributor contemplates Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s legacy and insists that the only way to read her work is to anticipate the effects it may have in the future rather than assume that interpretations of her scholarship are now settled.
    With this issue, recently appointed editor Michael Hardt inaugurates “Against the Day,” a new section composed of short essays that focus on a topic of contemporary political importanc980

  • Nathan Birnbaum and Jewish Modernity: Architect of Zionism, Yiddishism, and Orthodoxy

    4,550.00 3,690.00

    This book explores the life and thought of one of the most important but least known figures in early Zionism, Nathan Birnbaum. Now remembered mainly for his coinage of the word “Zionism,” Birnbaum was a towering figure in early Jewish nationalism. Because of his unusual intellectual trajectory, however, he has been written out of Jewish history. In the middle of his life, in the depth of World War I, Birnbaum left his venerable position as a secular Jewish nationalist for religious Orthodoxy, an unheard of decision in his time. To the dismay of his former colleagues, he adopted a life of strict religiosity and was embraced as a leader in the young, growing world of Orthodox political activism in the interwar period, one of the most successful and powerful movements in interwar central and eastern Europe.

    Jess Olson brings to light documents from one of the most complete archives of Jewish nationalism, the Nathan and Solomon Birnbaum Family Archives, including materials previously unknown in the study of Zionism, Yiddish-based Jewish nationalism, and the history of Orthodoxy. This book is an important meditation on the complexities of Jewish political and intellectual life in the most tumultuous period of European Jewish history, especially of the interplay of national, political, and religious identity in the life of one of its most fascinating figures.

  • Tragically Speaking: On the Use and Abuse of Theory for Life

    3,150.00 2,190.00

    From German idealism onward, Western thinkers have sought to revalue tragedy, invariably converging at one cardinal point: tragic art risks aestheticizing real violence. Tragically Speaking critically examines this revaluation, offering a new understanding of the changing meaning of tragedy in literary and moral discourse. It questions common assumptions about the Greeks’ philosophical relation to the tragic tradition and about the ethical and political ramifications of contemporary theories of tragedy.

    Starting with the poet Friedrich Hölderlin and continuing to the present, Kalliopi Nikolopoulou traces how tragedy was translated into an idea (“the tragic”) that was then revised further into the “beyond the tragic” of postmetaphysical contemporary thought. While recognizing some of the merits of this revaluation, Tragically Speaking concentrates on the losses implicit in such a turn. It argues that by translating tragedy into an idea, these rereadings effected a problematic subordination of politics to ethics: the drama of human conflict gave way to philosophical reflection, bracketing the world in favor of the idea of the world. Where contemporary thought valorizes absence, passivity, the Other, rhetoric, writing, and textuality, the author argues that their “deconstructed opposites” (presence, will, the self, truth, speech, and action, all of which are central to tragedy) are equally necessary for any meaningful discussion of ethics and politics.

  • You Can Always Sell More: How to Improve Any Sales Force

    1,950.00 1,090.00

    The sales manager’s step-by-step guide to better team performanceAs an experienced sales manager, how do you improve your team’s performance? Which selling skills, developed to their fullest potential, have the greatest impact on revenues and profitability? You Can Always Sell More will guide you through a proven step-by-step system for evaluating, training, and coaching your sales force. It will help you establish a simple and effective evaluation and improvement planning process for even your most successful salespeople. Proven in a wide array of industries, this will also show you how to improve your ability to coach and lead a team of sales professionals.
    Jim Pancero (Dallas, TX) is the founder of one of the country’s most advanced sales and sales management training and consulting firms. He has conducted training sessions for over 200,000 experienced corporate sales-team members, association attendees, and graduate-level university students.

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