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  • The Legends of Khasak

    250.00 220.00

    The Legends Of Khasak revolves around an under-graduate dropout named Ravi, who has had an illicit affair. Overcome with guilt, the young man leaves behind a research offer from Princeton University, and goes off on a long pilgrimage. Ravi finds himself in Khasak, a remote village in the beautiful Palghat countryside of Kerala. His guilt and anguish make him go through an existential crisis as well.

    In this new place, Ravi sets up a makeshift school with the help of the District Board s education initiative. The elders in the village see him as a threat, and doubt his intentions. The Legends Of Khasak describes Ravi s interaction with the villagers, as well as with the students of his school. Through these encounters, the author showcases many superstitions and myths that exist in this part of the world. The protagonist also realizes that karma follows a person, no matter where he goes.


  • A Love Story for my sister

    350.00 280.00

    1857: Eighteen-year-old Margaret Wheeler, daughter of General Wheeler, is kidnapped during the uprising. 1997: Eighteen-year-old Delhi schoolgirl Tara Fernandez is kidnapped and murdered. Two crimes of passion separated by 140 years, but bound by strange similarities. In 2013, Tara’s little sister, Pia, is a young aspiring novelist, investigating the curious story of Margaret, one of the first known ‘victims’ of Stockholm Syndrome. She married the soldier who had kidnapped her during the 1857 massacres, and went on to live, seemingly happily, as a Muslim. When Pia stumbles upon Margaret’s private journal and letters, she finally begins to understand how it might have been possible for her to fall in love with her captor. But the more compelling question before Pia is whether her sister might have been similarly in love. Why else did she not return home when she clearly had the chance? But, if she had been in love, why was she eventually killed? Moving gracefully between the gruelling summer of 1850s’ Kanpur and the leaden grey winter of modern-day Delhi, Jaishree Misra weaves an intriguing tale of danger and violence and the human capacity for hope.


    499.00 380.00

    Marion and shiva stone are twin brothers born of a secret union between a beautiful Indian nun and a brash british surgeon. Orphaned by their mother’s death and their father’s disappearance and bound together by a preternatural connection and a shared fascination with medicine, the twins come of age as Ethiopia hovers on the brink of revolution. Moving from addis ababa to new york city and back again, cutting for stone is an unforgettable story oflove and betrayal, medicine and ordinary miracles — and two brothers whose fates are forever intertwined.


    399.00 310.00

    ‘Sisi-Magar became my boat, and straddled on its back I was transformed into a sea-god—one who defied the elements and to whom the wind and the waves paid homage. They no longer raved about death, but spoke of abundant life.’

  • The Good Little Ceylonese Girl

    299.00 250.00

    Our Sri Lankan narrator visits his friend Joe in Italy, where Joe attends a special course—in higher (or, shall we say, lower) studies in women. Italians—much like Sri Lankans—live at home through marriage, death, and sometimes even beyond the pale. An accompanying string of fake fiancés and phoney engagements are the backdrop to this delightful collection of darkly humorous tales about Sri Lankans at home and abroad. Long years and many miles away, Colombo’s Father Cruz attempts to rescue a church from parishioners who like to put their donations where others can see them—on large plaques; on the coast, a retired Admiral escapes the tsunami on an antique Dutch cabinet; two childhood sweethearts, in time-honoured Sri Lankan tradition, are married off to strangers. Ashok Ferrey writes about Sri Lanka and its people, wherever they roam, with remarkable acuity. He writes of the West’s effect on Sri Lankans, of its ‘turning them into caricatures, unmistakably genuine but not at all the real thing’. In The Good Little Ceylonese Girl, his second collection of stories, he shows us the reality beyond those feeble sketches, in its full glory.

  • The Professional

    299.00 250.00

    It is a universally acknowledged truth that an immigrant in England must be in want of a visa. In 1980s London, young Sri Lankan Chamath, recently down from Oxford with a degree in Maths, struggles to reconcile himself with the workplace. When his father writes him to say, ‘You’re on your own now, mate’, assuming that the magic word ‘Oxford’ will open any door to him, he realizes that push must now come to shove. Working on a building site as a casual labourer, he is approached by two men who ask him whether he would like ‘a bit of work after hours, to earn some dosh on the side’. Chamath gets dragged down below the invisible grid that exists in any big city, into a blue-grey twilight world of illegals. Hired as a male escort, a ‘professional’, a career at which he excels to his great surprise, he finds an unlikely means of making his way through the world. Then, two former clients, an older couple, decide to rescue him—with disastrous consequences. Masterfully and hilariously told, The Professional is sage, canny and witty as Ashok Ferrey always is; an exploration of the nature and meaning of love, of time, of memory.

  • Colpetty People

    299.00 250.00

    In this extraordinary debut, Ashok Ferry chronicles, in a gently probing voice, the journeys of characters seeking something beyond the barriers of nations and generations. His tales of social-climbing Sri Lankans, of the pathos of immigration, of rich people with poor taste, of ice-cream karma, of innocent love, eternity, and more take us to Colombo’s nouveau riche, hoity-toity returnees, ladies with buttery skin and square fingernails, old-fashioned aristocrats, and the poor mortals trapped between them. Ferry’s stories comprise characters that are ‘serious and fine and upstanding, and infinitely dull’, but also others like young John-John, who loses his childhood somewhere ‘high up in the air between Asmara and Rome’; the maid, Agnes of God, whose mango-sucking teeth ‘fly out at you like bats out of the mouth of a cave’; Ashoka, the immigrant who embodies his Sri Lankan identity only on the bus ride between home and work; and Professor Jayaweera who finds sterile freedoms caged in the ‘unbending, straight lines of Western Justice’. Absurd, sad, scathing and generous, but mostly wickedly funny, Colpetty People presents modern Sri Lankans as they navigate worlds between Ceylon and the West.

  • Serendipity

    299.00 250.00

    About the Book: Serendipity

    Piyumi Segarajasingham is a young barrister in eighties London, half Tamil and half Sinhalese, and newly responsible for her familys share of an inheritance in Sri Lanka. The servants quarters of a house called Serendipity in Colombos colonial quarter, Cinnamon Gardens, is now her charge— she wants to keep it, her relatives are keen to sell. So begins Piyumis journey home, full of a host of memorable characters and the hilarious happenstance of daily life in Colombo, haunted by the memory of a stranger she met back in London— will they ever get together? Set in a more innocent time— Sri Lankas civil war had only just begun— Serendipity is satire, thriller and comedy of manners all in one, told with Ferreys trademark wit.

    About the Author: Ashok Ferrey

    Ashok Ferrey is the author of five works of fiction and Sri Lankas bestselling author in English.

  • Two Quality Ladies

    299.00 250.00

    Set in the enchanting isles of Lakshadweep, ‘Two Quality Ladies’,  is an unexpected tale of romance between three exceptional people. Offering a generous slice of life, it explores the physical and emotional turmoil of relationships between man and woman, and woman and woman.


    250.00 220.00

    Jay’S Life Comes Apart At The Seams When Her Husband Is Asked To Leave His Job While Allegations Of Business Malpractice Against Him Are Investigated.

    Her Familiar Existence Disrupted, Her Husband’S Reputation In Question And Their Future As A Family In Jeopardy, Jaya, A Failed Writer, Is Haunted By Memories Of The Past. Differences With Her Husband, Frustrations In Their Seventeen-Year-Old Marriage, Disappointment In Her Two Teenage Children, The Claustrophia Of Her Childhood&Amp;Mdash;All Begin To Surface. In Her Small Suburban Bombay Flat, Jaya Grapples With These And Other Truths About Herself&Amp;Mdash;Among Them Her Failure At Writing And Her Fear Of Anger.

    Shashi Deshpande Gives Us An Exceptionally Accomplished Portrayal Of A Woman Trying To Erase A ‘Long Silence’ Begun In Childhood And Rooted In Herself And In The Constraints Of Her Life.


    399.00 310.00

    An Indian myth says that when the river Ganges first descended from the heavens, the force of the cascade was so great that the earth would have been destroyed if it had not been for the god Shiva, who tamed the torrent by catching it in his dreadlocks. It is only when the Ganges approaches the Bay of Bengal that it frees itself and separates into thousands of wandering strands. The result is the Sundarbans, an immense stretch of mangrove forest, a half-drowned land where the waters of the Himalayas merge with the incoming tides of the sea.


    399.00 310.00

    The Inheritance of Loss is Kiran Desai’s extraordinary Man Booker Prize winning novel.

    High in the Himalayas sits a dilapidated mansion, home to three people, each dreaming of another time.

    The judge, broken by a world too messy for justice, is haunted by his past. His orphan granddaughter has fallen in love with her handsome tutor, despite their different backgrounds and ideals. The cook’s heart is with his son, who is working in a New York restaurant, mingling with an underclass from all over the globe as he seeks somewhere to call home.

    Around the house swirl the forces of revolution and change. Civil unrest is making itself felt, stirring up inner conflicts as powerful as those dividing the community, pitting the past against the present, nationalism against love, a small place against the troubles of a big world.


    550.00 410.00

    Full of drama and adventure, rage and lust, mystery and romance, George R.R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones: Song of Fire and Ice’ (Book I) is regarded as one of the most intriguing and greatest epic of the modern era. Set in 12, 000BC, the seasons in this epic change after decades and bring with them mystery and death. The epic opens with the winter season fast approaching; though the human are protected and safe within the protective ice Wall of the kingdom, winter has arose the deadly forces that are continuously threatening the identity of the mortal power.



    550.00 410.00

    A Clash of Kings transports us into a magnificent, forgotten land of revelry and revenge, wizardry and wartime. It is a tale in which maidens cavort with madmen, brother plots against brother, and the dead rise to walk in the night. Here a princess masquerades as an orphan boy; a knight of the mind prepares a poison for a treacherous sorceress; and wild men descend from the Mountains of the Moon to ravage the countryside.


    550.00 410.00

    Of the five contenders for power, one is dead, another in disfavor, and still the wars rage as alliances are made and broken. Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne, the uneasy ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. His most bitter rival, Lord Stannis, stands defeated and disgraced, victim of the sorceress who holds him in her thrall. Young Robb still rules the North from the fortress of Riverrun. Meanwhile, making her way across a blood-drenched continent is the exiled queen, Daenerys, mistress of the only three dragons still left in the world. And as opposing forces manoeuver for the final showdown, an army of barbaric wildlings arrives from the outermost limits of civilization, accompanied by a horde of mythical Others—a supernatural army of the living dead whose animated corpses are unstoppable. As the future of the land hangs in the balance, no one will rest until the Seven Kingdoms have exploded in a veritable storm of swords…


    499.00 380.00

    The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance.

    In King’s Landing the Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister, awaits trial, abandoned by all those she trusted; while in the eastern city of Yunkai her brother Tyrion has been sold as a slave. From the Wall, having left his wife and the Red Priestess Melisandre under the protection of Jon Snow, Stannis Baratheon marches south to confront the Boltons at Winterfell. But beyond the Wall the wildling armies are massing for an assault…

    On all sides bitter conflicts are reigniting, played out by a grand cast of outlaws and priests, soldiers and skinchangers, nobles and slaves. The tides of destiny will inevitably lead to the greatest dance of all.

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns

    499.00 380.00

    At once an incredible chronicle of thirty years of Afghan history and a deeply moving story of family, friendship, faith, and the salvation to be found in love.

    Propelled by the same superb instinct for storytelling that made The Kite Runner a beloved classic, A Thousand Splendid Suns is at once an incredible chronicle of thirty years of Afghan history and a deeply moving story of family, friendship, faith, and the salvation to be found in love.

    Born a generation apart and with very different ideas about love and family, Mariam and Laila are two women brought jarringly together by war, by loss and by fate. As they endure the ever escalating dangers around them – in their home as well as in the streets of Kabul – they come to form a bond that makes them both sisters and mother-daughter to each other, and that will ultimately alter the course not just of their own lives but of the next generation. With heart-wrenching power and suspense, Hosseini shows how a woman’s love for her family can move her to shocking and heroic acts of self-sacrifice, and that in the end it is love, or even the memory of love, that is often the key to survival.

  • Sophie’s World

    499.00 380.00

    Sophie finds two questions in her mailbox: “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?” This is the start of her journey through the history of philosophy, guided by a mysterious mentor. To find the truth, we must understand the questions, but the truth is stranger than Sophie can imagine.

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude

    399.00 310.00

    The theme of this book is about two families that witness various stages of life over the period of a century. How the protagonist try to come to grips with their past and how this obsessiveness brings about the doom of the family is captured in the novel.

    In this book Macondo portrays the new world of United Sates, which appeared more like the Promised Land to so many at one time. But over the course of history it came to be accepted as another illusion.

    The book cab be defined as the fine work of a master writer, about work realism. In his imaginary place metaphors and beliefs have become ordinary facts and life has become most uncertain.


  • The General in His Labyrinth

    399.00 310.00

    The General in His Labyrinth traces Simon Bolivar’s last journey from Bogota to the Caribbean coastline of Colombia, in his endeavour to leave South America for his exile in Europe. Unlike the usual portrayal of Bolivar as a hero, Garcia depicts a prematurely aged protagonist, who is mentally exhausted and physically ill. The book delves into Bolivar’s life and times through the account of his own memories.

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