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  • Limits of Atlanticism

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    Working as Ombudsperson for Human Rights in the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Gret Haller became aware that the reactions of the United States and Europe are hardly ever the same, be it in Bosnia or in other parts of the world, with the current crisis in the Middle East offering just another example: in international negotiations it is always the United States that refuses to give up sovereignty. While Europeans view sharing as an instrument to guarantee freedom and peace, Washington sees it as a threat to its independence and power. Instead, the U.S. government relies on unsanctioned campaigns against rogue states. The author is not optimistic that the recent shift in the political climate in the U.S. will change this deeply ingrained attitude. In her book, based on in-depth and first-hand experience in the transatlantic political arena, the author concludes that any fresh approach towards addressing these differences will first require an understanding of their roots in history. In Europe, the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 began a development that led to the emergence of a nation-state that ultimately came to be based on shared sovereignty. In the New World, however, the dominance of society over the state marked a break with that European tradition.

  • Political Theory and Australian Multiculturalism

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    Multiculturalism has been one of the dominant concerns in political theory over the last decade. To date, this inquiry has been mostly informed by, or applied to, the Canadian, American, and increasingly, the European contexts. This volume explores for the first time how the Australian experience both relates and contributes to political thought on multiculturalism. Focusing on whether a multicultural regime undermines political integration, social solidarity, and national identity, the authors draw on the Australian case to critically examine the challenges, possibilities, and limits of multiculturalism as a governing idea in liberal democracies. These essays by distinguished Australian scholars variously treat the relation between liberalism and diversity, democracy and diversity, culture and rights, and evaluate whether Australia’s thirty-year experiment in liberal multiculturalism should be viewed as a successful model.

  • The Power of Entrepreneurs

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    Although Spain is an important member of the EU, relatively little is known about its economy and its interrelationship with political forces. This book, the first of its kind, offers a long-term view and analyzes this ever-changing relationship throughout the 20th century with its various upheavals such as the crisis of the democratic republic and the civil war in the 1930s, the long General Franco dictatorship from the 1940s until the 1970s and the subsequent transition to democracy. From the detailed studies of individual cases, specific companies as well as entrepreneurial organizations, a very diverse picture emerges, contradicting widespread simplistic interpretations of politico-economic linkages, which demonstrates both the pluralism of the economic interests as well as the complexity of their relationship to the political class.

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